The LargeUp Sessions (4/3) with Omari Banks

April 3, 2014


Omari Banks is Anguilla’s best-known athlete and the son of its best known musician, the “Anguillian Bob Dylan,” Bankie Banx. After a 10-year cricket career in which he played regionally for the Leeward Islands; in international competitions for the West Indies; and for the Somerset Country Club team in the U.K., Banks hung up his wicket to focus on music a few years back.

2012 saw the release of his debut single “Move On,” with production by legendary engineer Steven Stanley and drums by Sly Dunbar, followed by an EP of the same name. Banks, whose latest video for “Jehovah Message” was shot in locations across Anguilla by LargeUp’s own Ravi Lloyd, will be our guest tonight’s edition of the LargeUp Sessions on from 6-8 p.m.

Watch “Jehovah Message,” and videos from Banks’ “Acoustic Corner” video series below: