Video: Anguilla’s Omari Banks Shares “Jahovah Message”

March 11, 2014

Words by Ravi Lloydโ€”


LargeUp contributor Ravi Lloyd recently co-directedย (along with Rocklyn Maynard) the new video for Anguillan cricketer-turned-reggae star Omari Banks, so we tapped him to introduce the newly launched clip.

Omari Banks and his band Eleven teamed up with Anguillan hop hop emcee (and Omari’s cousin) Lateef Banx for โ€œJahovah Message,โ€ a socially conscious reggae tune from Banks’ debut EP, Move On. The video, too, was a big collaborative effort. We wanted to show that all of Anguilla is connected, so we shot all over the islandโ€”in Blowing Point, The Valley, the Governorโ€™s chambers, from the beach to the old grounds. I remember we were shooting the scene in The Valley and it just started pouring rain. So thankful everyone stayed and made that day possible. Shout out to Panther Vibes, Bankie Banx, Governor Christina Scott, and everyone else who made cameo appearances and helped out with the video.

Omari and his band will be playing Moonsplash, the annual reggae concert at The Dune Preserve in Anguilla founded by Bankie Banx, his father, on March 15. This year is the 25th anniversary of the Moonsplash festival (which runs March 13-16) so it’s sure to be quite a show. And if you can’t make it down to AXA, Omari will be live on The LargeUp Sessions on Thurs., April 3.