Toppa Top 10: Ten Tunes You (Probably) Missed in 2013

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January 15, 2014

3. Ninjaman, “Iron”


Ninjaman kept himself busy in 2013, steadily releasing new music throughout the year, and finishing with a show-stealing Boxing Day performance at Sting (pictured above). While his triumphant comeback anthem “Ninja Mi Ninja” made the Jamaican music chartsโ€”and enough waves for a solid placement on our list of the year’s best dancehallโ€” other tunes were more slept on. “Iron” was, arguably, the best of these. The kung-fu samples and RZA-esque piano sounds which start the track are a fitting beginning for an artist who famously inspired Method Man’s “Bring the Pain,” while the lyrical threats are classic Don Gorgon. Honorable mention goes to “Gweh (Wi Nuh Taste N Buy)” on DJ Frass’ dope Pop Style riddim, the most up-to-di-time tune of Ninja’s improbable comeback.ย  โ€”Jesse Serwer