Toppa Top 10: The Best Dancehall Singles of 2013

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December 17, 2013

2.ย Ninjaman – “Ninja Mi Ninja”


Ninjaman has had more comebacks than most artists, but his latest reinvention has easily been his most successful and fascinating. After being released on bail, signing to Downsound Records and returning to the site of some of his greatest moments at Sting last year, theย Original Front Tooth Gold Tooth Don Gorgon hit 2013 running with a string of name-reclaiming singles including “Ninja Mi Ninja.” One of his biggest hits to date, the track introduced him to a whole new generation of listeners as an elder, but without seeming stale or like too much of a throwback. Thanks to a decidedly Jr. Gong-style crossover sound provided by Scatta Burrell and a polished musicย video, “Ninja Mi Ninja” has Desmond Ballentine enjoying a higher profile than a lot of so-called currentย hype deejays.ย  โ€” Spliffington