Talk Di Tings Dem: Meet The Yaadie Behind The Lulu Dating App

November 26, 2013

Words by Michellee Nelsonโ€”


Girl talk will never be the same. A controversial new dating app for women is revolutionizing the way we share information about the opposite sex. Lulu, which has been taking college campuses by storm since its launch earlier this year, allows women to create profiles and review various characteristics of guys they know or may have dated, and also view existing profiles of current boyfriends, or potential dates. With the help of a rating system that consists of hashtags and multiple-choice responses (similar to a quiz you might find in Cosmo or Glamour), girls can share notes on anything from a guy’s hygiene habits, to his relationship with his mother. To top it all off, the app is the brainchild of a Jamaican, Alexandra Chong, who grew up in Ocho Rios.

Chong, a formerย pro tennis player for Jamaica’s Fed Cup tennis team, migrated to London to attend the London School of Economics, where she got the idea for an online forum where her and her girlfriends could share their experiences and wisdom to empower one another, anywhere in the world (Jamaica included). That Lulu was devised by a Jamaican may surprise some, but not usโ€”yaad people have always been a particular set with sometimes peculiar rules when it comes to dating.

So ladies, before your next date, you might just want to download the app and pree your guy’s score.