LargeUp TV: Sizzla Freestyles at Rebel Salute 2015

January 23, 2015

Photo by Ravi Lloyd
Video by Ravi Lloyd and Kristelle Laroche


Among the many things that make Rebel Salute uniqueโ€”no slack lyrics, no meatโ€”Jamaica’s biggest and best roots reggae fest is as much a conversation as it is a concert. This year, the hardship faced by Jamaican youth was a topic that came up again and again, in song lyrics and in between-set reasonings.

Backstage before his fest-closing performance on Sunday morning, we linked with Sizzla, and asked him to weigh in with a message of his own. After making sure “the cameras the the battery ah charge up,” Kalonji larged up LargeUp, and dropped some lyrics fi di youth dem.

Watch the freestyle below, see our Rebel Salute photo series here, and get familiar with Sizzla’s father, Daddy Sizzla, here.