Toppa Top 10: Miami’s Best West Indian Eats

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October 11, 2013

6. Bahamian Connection Grill
(4400 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, 305-576-6999)
Photo: Erik Ebright

Bahamian Connection calls itself the “Number one Bahamian restaurant in America,” which is not a far-fetched claim considering 1) the recent decline in the number of such establishments and 2) how damn good their food is. Located just west of the Design District, near Wynwood and Allapattah, it’s the most conveniently located and best known of Miami’s Bahamian restaurants.

In a reflection of its significance within Miami’s deeply rooted Bahamian community, Bahamian Connection this year hosted Miami’s annual Bahamas Goombay Festival, historically held on Grand Avenue in Coconut Groove. The two-restaurant Bahamian Connection complex has been known to host the occasional junkanoo jump-up; stop in on a weekend, and you might catch some jazz. But it’s best known for its Bahamian seafood specialties like boiled fish and, of course, conchโ€”cracked conch, stew conch conch fritters, conch salad. Name a way to serve conch, and Bahamian Connection.