Toppa Top 10: Miami’s Best West Indian Eats

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October 11, 2013

5. Truck Stop
(@Cafe 27, 4690 US Highway 27, Weston)

Photo: Daison Osbourne

Located about as far as you can get from South Beach without leaving the Miami metro area, Cafe 27 (a/k/a Chickee Hut, or Tiki Hut) at the Seminole Travel Centerย on the edge of the Everglades Weston, Fla. turns three nights a weekย into one of Floridaโ€™s best Caribbean parties. Besides for the music and unusual location, the appeal of Truck Stop, as the parties are known, lies in its foodโ€”jerk chicken, jerk pork, escoveitch, sometimes even mannish water. And you can’t come all the way out to Weston without snacking on a few festival.

Their annual blowout Carnival kickoff party already went down on Wednesday, but stop in tonight or tomorrow for your jerk chicken fix. Most nightsโ€” Truck Stop only keeps on Wednesdays, Friday and Saturdays; the other nights it’s a biker hangoutโ€” the food starts cooking around 5, with DJs on at 8 or 9 and the party over at 2 on the dot. Read more about the phenomenon that is Truck Stop here.