Toppa Top 10: Miami’s Best West Indian Eats

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October 11, 2013

3. Tap Tap Restaurant
(819 5th St., Miami Beach, 305-672-2898)

You won’t find any other Haitian restaurants in the U.S. quite like Tap Tap. For one thing, it’s not tucked away in a Haitian community โ€”it’s right in the middle of South Beach. And the awesome murals that adorn the whole restaurant, while typical of Haitian folk art, were each painted by a different notable Haitian artist, giving the place a classic, yet unique, look and feel. Besides staples like griot and steamed fish, Tap Tap also serves specialties that you won’t find at the menu at Haitian takeout spots, like joumou, a pumpkin soup traditionally served to commemorate Haitian independence on New Year’s Day. The drink menu too is stacked with winners, like a mojito made with Barbancourt.