Salute Dem: EchoSlim + Reblah Star’s Audio/Video Super Cat Tribute

September 24, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”


If we took a “favorite artist” poll here at the LargeUp HQ, chances are Super Cat would finish near the top. Whether it’s sporting the Don Dada tee from our friends Shimmy Shimmy, seeing ‘Cat return to the stage at Hammerstein Ballroom earlier this month, or unearthing a lost mixtape from the Wild Apache, we big up the don of all dons every chance we get.

So when EchoSlim, the man behind this super-dope hip-hop remix of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ “Bus Dem Shut,” told us about “Salute We,” a new Super Cat homage he’d put together with collaborator Reblah Star, we checked it right away on GP. As he did with Bob, Echo’s also pieced together some epic visuals of Mr. Cat to accompany his audio experiment, which matches classic Wild Apache lyrics from “Come Down” with some uptempo house piano, and dubstep wobble.

Visually, Echo went all out, pulling seemingly every performance clip of Super Cat available, from footage at ’80s Brooklyn dances through Cat’s recent return at Hammerstein, the classic Yo! MTV Raps interview sampled at the beginning of Nas’ “The Don,” and some footage we’ve never even seen before.

Watch “Salute We” below, then check out some bonus clips “sampled” in the video: Cat, Heavy and Frankie Paul performing “Big and Ready” via Video Music Box; and Cat’s early ’90s appearance on the Apollo Comedy Hour.