Carnival Checklist: Red Fox’s 7 Things You Must Do At NYC’s West Indian Day Parade

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August 30, 2013

Hold a wine

LDP Dancing

“You have to find the fattest girl you can find in her Carnival outfit and get her to dance with you,” says Red Fox. “If you don’t get a big fat girl, I don’t think you did it right,” he says with a laugh. Do it right in the middle of the street. “You only get to do that once a year in New York,” so take advantage and enjoy. Red Fox says pretty much everyone is open to it — especially the Trinidadians, that’s just how they party and enjoy themselves. Keep in mind Trinidad holds a pretty famous Carnival each year in February/March so the bacchanalist attitude is especially prevalent with Trinis (yet still true for everybody). So look out for the red flag with the black & white diagonal stripe and “jump and start wining on her — she’ll give you good workout.”