Carnival Checklist: Red Fox’s 7 Things You Must Do At NYC’s West Indian Day Parade

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August 30, 2013

Make sure you have a flag

LDP Flag

“Be sure you have a flag,” says Red Fox, so you “can jump and wave and represent one of the West Indian islands.” This is at essence what the whole day is about. Being proud of West Indian heritage. So represent! If you don’t have a flag by the time you arrive, you can buy one from one of the numerous vendors surrounding the parade route on Eastern Parkway. Red Fox says some people have lots of different flags to wave, so choose the appropriate one when a truck goes by representing that specific country. “Party with everyone,” Red Fox says. So consider that an option too. We recommend you get creative with how you represent; you’ll find lots of folks wearing flags or their colors, showing off with a sort of “only-at-the-parade” Caribbean fashion sensibility.