Toppa Top 8: Beyonce’s Most Dancehall Moments

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7. Beyonce at the Super Bowl (2013)

Perhaps the most epic tribute to dancehall the queen has ever done came this year, when she bussed a serious “Dutty Wine” during a full-on reggae sequence during her performance at halftime of this year’s Super Bowl, which also included a brief performance of “Baby Boy,” plus samples of Cutty Ranks). It’s not the first time we’ve seen her do this dance, or Shelly Belly’s Cowfoot, which she does at the beginning of “End of Time,” but since this was the most viewed broadcast of the year, it was a pretty serious look for dancehall. Beyonce has taken this portion of the show with her on her recent Mrs. Carter Tour. She has been dutty wining all over the world, and we hope she continues to step it up.