Carnival Checklist: Seven Things You Must Do at Anguilla Summer Festival

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August 5, 2013

3. Anguilla Calypso Monarch
2012 Anguilla Calypso Queen Fedalia “Shea Shea” Richardson. Photo: Larry Stott/The Anguillan

The first night of two big nights of calypso during Anguilla Summer Festival is dedicated to crowning the King or Queen calypsonian of Anguilla. This event, held at Landsome Bowl, Anguilla Cultural Center in The Valley, takes place on Wednesday, Aug. 7, this year. If you want to hear about what is really going on in Anguilla this is an experience to have. From listening to the performers to hearing what people have to say you can get a recap of the current events and political affairs. In and outside of the village will be active with some of the finest Anguillan dishes like goat water, wilk soup, conch soup and roti.