Carnival Checklist: Seven Things You Must Do at Anguilla Summer Festival

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August 5, 2013

6. Grand Parade of Troupes
Photo: Bonnie Fleming

The beauty of Anguillaโ€™s people shines the brightest when we celebrate the beauty of community, resilience and statehood the Friday of carnival. Troops of people playing mas will be fitted with jewels, feathers and colors to fill your peripherals, while soca bands keep the pace, playing for the people on semi trucks. The Grand Parade of Troupes is not defined by where you are from on the island and each group is a mix. Everyone is invited to participate and, on this day, you will see everyone in Anguilla, from young to old. The party ends up back in Landsome Bowl, also known as The Village, and the jam will continue all night.