Carnival Checklist: Seven Things You Must Do at Anguilla Summer Festival

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Words by Ravi Lloyd—


It’s August Monday today in Anguilla, which means Anguilla Summer Festival—the Leeward island’s annual carnival—is getting into full swing. On the occasion that you’re heading down there, or already find yourself in Anguilla, we had our Anguillan contributor Ravi Lloyd provide some tips on how best to enjoy yourself during the celebrations.

When carnival hits in Anguilla, the island’s population drastically grows, a big deal for a place with just about 15,000 residents. With a large international crowds arriving and Anguillans living abroad returning home, carnival is about people coming together to celebrate Anguilla’s cultural heritage. You can get a taste of Anguilla in each of these events, from sailboat racing (read more about that here) to the Miss Anguilla Beauty Pageant to the calypso competitions and road march.