Toppa Top 10: Ten Essential Wackie’s Tunes

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June 13, 2013

Honorable Mention: Bullwackies All-Stars, “Stil Dubbing”

“Signature sound” is perhaps what best describes “Always Dubbing,” a specialist’s take on a roots dub from the 1977 Bullwackies All-Stars African Roots Act 1 LP. Pablo Moses’ “We Should Be In Angola” is about as roots as they come, from the very first line: “Fighting down here in Jamaica is a shame my brother, Destroying our culture by killing one another.” Somehow the dub matches that sentiment of greatness and catharsis. It is excellently balanced with an almost rolling bass and pointed but never jarring stabs from the rhythm section. The bass is so present that when dropped out of the mix it still plays in your head on repeat. Deep. Still, it feels crisper than many modern dubs and that spring reverb is definitely not a plug-in.