LargeUp TV: The Toppa Top 20 Weed Anthems for 4/20, Pt. 1 (Hosted by Carlton Livingston)

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos and Video by Jason Zucker—

Carlton Livingston

If you know your smokers’ anthems, you know Carlton Livingston. The St. Mary-born, Kingston-raised singer is responsible for one of reggae’s biggest weed tunes ever,  “100 Weight of Collie Weed.” And he’s got more where that came from: his “Trodding Through the Jungle” made an appearance on our Toppa Top 10 Slept-On Weed Anthems for 4/20 last year, too. After catching up with Carlton at last month’s Rice and Peas party, we brought him over to the The Kennel Recording Studio in Brooklyn to count down our Toppa Top 20 Weed Anthems for 4/20.

In anticipation of the coming smokers’ holiday, today we’re kicking things off with numbers 20-11. Roll up a spliff, pull out your lighter and press play to find out what made the first half of the list. And look out for Part 2—the big Toppa Top 10—when the clock strikes midnight on 4/20.

Carlton Livingston 8