Pop Style: Frankie Lake (Jamaica/LA)

April 23, 2015

Words by Erin Hansen- McKnight
Photos by Nile Saulter


Welcome to LargeUpโ€™s street style series, Pop Style. Every other Friday, weโ€™ll be talking sartorial shop with the most impeccably dressed men and women of the Caribbean and the diaspora, from familiar faces to everyday people pon di corner. Along the way we intend to show the world what weโ€™ve long held trueโ€”no oneโ€™s got style and swagger quite like the islands.

Frankie Lake
Spotted at:ย The Line Hotel, Koreatown, Los Angeles
Occupation:ย Stylist, Designer,ย FIDM Student
From: Born in England, raised inย Jamaica

Can you tell me about what you’re wearing?

My jacket and top are from Forever21. The pants and shoes are H&M and my hat is from Brixton. All my accessories are gifts from either birthdays, Christmas or working on photoshoots. My necklace is vintage.

What has been your biggest fashion accomplishment?

I just showed at FIDM debutย at the end of March. “Charing styles” is a sectionย of that entire show where designers share a tapestry with furniture designers. We went to the show, they showed our chairs and the models in our gowns and then they announced who won. That same night, my dress ended up winning! I didn’t expect that.

You’re new to LA. Where do you hang out?

My boyfriend and Iย don’t go out that much because anything we’re making goes towards bills. Places that we go, when we do go out: there is a bar around the corner from our house called Lock and Key, we’ll go there every now and again. We also go to Good Times at Davey Wayne’s off Sunset on Sundays.

Has your style changed since you moved to LA from Jamaica?

One of the biggest things I loved about moving here, and then fashion school, was not feeling judged at all. You could honestly go out in a princess costume in LA and nobody would look on you crazy. It would just be like, “Ok.” I do appreciate dancehall culture for being a littleย more out there and adventurous in Jamaica. I respect that so much.