February 27, 2015

Words by Tene’ Young

Iconic NYC streetwear brand RockersNYC introduces their spring/summer 2015 collection, Hour of the Electric Rebel, with a lookbook featuring Brooklyn dub crew Blazer Sound System and friends. The first dropโ€”there’s more coming this seasonโ€”features nostalgic Fred Flintstone vibes, tie-dye, and snakeskin prints available on tees, crewneck sweatshirts, button-ups, pants, and an anorak.

This versatile collection continues the RockersNYC mission of bridging punk rock, dancehall, skate + surf, hip-hop, and Rasta cultures together. The brand began in 2003 when founder and creative director Marcus Burrowes became inspired to create his own clothing after working as a freelance designer for magazines. A native of Kingston, Jamaica, Burrowes combined his Rastafarian upbringing with his love for punk and established one of the most distinctive, and influential, aesthetics in streetwear. More than a decade later, the brand’s influence remains strong, with celebrity clientele including comedian Dave Chappelle, M.I.A. and Diplo, among others. LargeUp has also previously collaborated with RockersNYC on our own namesake T-shirt, available for purchase in our store here.

The collection will be available for purchase next weekโ€”see store/purchase info via the Rockers siteโ€” and selected items will soon be carried in our LargeUp store as well. Check out highlights of the lookbook below, and make sure you’re first in line.