Toppa Top 10: The Ten Best Bob Marley Covers

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February 6, 2013

6. Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer, “Redemption Song”

johnny cash joe strummer redemption song

When the Man in Black puts his legendary bass-barritone to the tune of Marley’s masterpiece of emancipation and redemption, the recording can be nothing less than epic–if for nothing else, just seeing the names Johnny Cash and Bob Marley together on a song. Cash and the Clash’s Joe Strummer teamed up with another iconic musical figure, Rick Rubin, to record “Redemption Song” in the early 2000s. The absolute best part of this version is Cash’s stiff patois attempt on “wi fahwud in this generation.” The single was released on Cash’s posthumously released Unearthed box-set collectible in 2003.