Toppa Top 8: Eight Reggae Albums By Non-Reggae Stars

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January 29, 2013

Heavy D-Vibes
Ten Reggae Albums By Non-Reggae Stars

Heavy Dโ€™s rightful place in music history is as one of the most charismatic MCs to emerge from hip hopโ€™s golden age from the mid โ€˜80s through early โ€˜90s. However, Jamaican-born Dwight Myers will also go down in the books as one of the first to bring Hip-Hopโ€™s distant cousin Dancehall into the mรฉlange of Americaโ€™s urban soundscape (Check our story, “Heds and Dreds: Remembering the Big Belly Gorgon, Heavy D,” for a full overview of these contributions). In 2008, the late Overweight Lover released Vibes, his first and only full reggae album. Featuring cameos by Barrington Levy, Wyclef and Sizzla, Vibesโ€™ groovy retro reggae crooning and wicked and wild dancehall stylee earned the Big Belly Gorgon a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album in 2009. One of the gems on this album is Heavyโ€™s rendition of the Techniques’ classic โ€œQueen Majesty.โ€