Toppa Top 8: Eight Reggae Albums By Non-Reggae Stars

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Heavy D-Vibes
Ten Reggae Albums By Non-Reggae Stars

Heavy D’s rightful place in music history is as one of the most charismatic MCs to emerge from hip hop’s golden age from the mid ‘80s through early ‘90s. However, Jamaican-born Dwight Myers will also go down in the books as one of the first to bring Hip-Hop’s distant cousin Dancehall into the mélange of America’s urban soundscape (Check our story, “Heds and Dreds: Remembering the Big Belly Gorgon, Heavy D,” for a full overview of these contributions). In 2008, the late Overweight Lover released Vibes, his first and only full reggae album. Featuring cameos by Barrington Levy, Wyclef and Sizzla, Vibes’ groovy retro reggae crooning and wicked and wild dancehall stylee earned the Big Belly Gorgon a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album in 2009. One of the gems on this album is Heavy’s rendition of the Techniques’ classic “Queen Majesty.”