Hardcore Seasoning: Bad Brains “Fire Burn Babylon” Hot Sauce

January 8, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

You already know the Bad Brains, the all-black, NY-via-DC outfit whose mystifying, thrilling blend of thrash, dub and Rasta consciousness kickstarted the U.S. hardcore scene in the early ’80s, as one of the greatest bands ever. Right? Less likely you’re aware that the group’s credentials in the kitchen are pretty thorough, tooโ€”specifically guitarist Dr. Know, who now runs an organic market in Woodstock, NY, and bassist Daryl Jenifer.

โ€œMy bredren Chinna taught me how to cook Rastaman styles, Ital styles,โ€ย Jenifer recently told Mass Appeal’s Sacha Jenkins (with whom he plays in the new band, White Mandingos). โ€œThrough his Afro-Asian roots I was able to ‘combonate’ soul with an Asian finesse in terms of precision and careful preparationโ€“which is key when it comes to a good Ital dish. I ainโ€™t talking โ€˜bout no hippie stew eitherโ€” Iโ€™m talking about a careful, Kosher approach to food.โ€

Fresh off the release of their ninth album Into the Future, the Bad Brains are set to bun out Emeril, Lynrd Skynrd and other pepper sauce-shilling Babylonians with their own hot sauce called….wait, for it….Fire Burn Babylon.

โ€œI woke up one day and said โ€˜Bad Brains Fire Burn Babylon Hardcore Hot sauce!โ€™โ€ Jenifer said. โ€œWe came up with the perfect blend of heat and sweet. Eventually, we want to expand into jerk sauce, Re-Ignition ginger shots . . . Shiiit, we frigginโ€™ Paul Newman over here.โ€

Let the Big (Ital) Takeover begin…