Ground Provisions: Llewellyn’s Pepper Sauce Goes Worldwide

December 8, 2014


Unless you’ve been to Nevis, chances are you’ve never heard of Llewellyn’s Pepper Sauce. before. Proprietor Llewellyn Clark has been making his scotch-bonnet- and thyme-based sauce in the tiny Eastern Caribbean island’s Rawlins Village strictly for the local market when he was approached to appear in an elaborate FedEx commercial highlighting the shipping company’s capability to get small business’ products to di world. Now he and his suace are the stars of a national TV campaign that’s been covered in numerous media outlets, and amassed nearly 300,000 views on YouTube in three weeks.

If you’re anything like us, the adโ€”in which bottles of the sauce are delivered to residents of a remote mountain village in Chinaโ€” will have you eager to try it yourself. You may be in for a surprise, however. At $46 a bottle. this is is some of the most expensive hot sauce we’ve ever seen! (At $88, a batch of five is a relative bargain). We’re sure it’s much more affordable in Nevis, but, for that price, that better be some peppa! Watch the commercial below, and head here for more about Llewellyn’s.