Cockney & Yardie: The Heatwave’s Toppa Top 10 UK Dancehall Tunes Of 2012

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December 26, 2012

Words by The Heatwaveโ€”

The Heatwaveโ€”Call Mi a Yardie Refix

It’s been a minute since we’ve gotten a report from our UK correspondents The Heatwave. Gabriel, Benjamin D. and company been busy having their biggest year ever, making monster mixtapes (like this week’s armagideon-anticipating Last Party on Earth) and refixes, and bringing their Hot Wuk party all across Europe. This was a massive year for reggae and dancehall in England, though, what with all of the major events in London surrounding Jamaica 50 and the Summer Olympics, and the continued emergence of Stylo G and Gappy Ranks, so we had to get the Heatwave on the case for a year-end Cockney & Yardie wrap-up. Selector!