LargeUp Premiere: Watch The Heatwave + K More’s “Stopwatch” Video

November 9, 2017

London bashment squad The Heatwave recently expanded their repertoire from running tune at the biggest dancehall parties in the U.K. to making their own original productions. Among their three single releases this year was “Stopwatch” featuring K. More, a little-known MC in the greater dancehall world, but a staple at The Heatwave’s roving party, Hot Wuk. Blending instructional, gyal tune lyrics with the sonic vibes of Afro Bashment, “Stopwatch” is now the basis of The Heatwave’s first music video.

Here’s the settings according to The Heatwave’s Gabriel and Benjamin D:

We threw a cook up with a bunch of our Hot Wuk regulars, friends and family and made a A LOT of food. We filmed at a friends house in Tottenham, North London, and another mate drove up with his sound system from Peckham in South London. We wanted to mix up the Jamaican and UK influence, so we had Red Stripe and Stellas (classic hooligan drink lol) Pimms and Wray & Nephew to drink and Cumberland sausages and jerk chicken on the BBQ. We borrowed a friends jerk drum for the BBQ, and wanted to do the whole thing outdoors, but predictably for England IT PISSED WITH RAIN ALL DAY!! Still had a vibe though, and had leftovers for weeks.

Watch the video here: