Visual Culture: A Q+A with Cartoonist Clovis Brown

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August 30, 2012

LU: You have gotten some flack for cartoon violence, especially against women. When Dorothy Lightbourne was sacked by then-PM Bruce Golding, you did a cartoon with her being kicked in the ass by Bruce Golding.

CB:No, that wasnโ€™t me but I did do one with Bruce Golding pushing her in front of a bus.

Dorothy Lightbourne Gets Thrown Under A Bus

LU: Who are some of your favorite targets?

CB:[Minister of Transport, Works and Housing] Omar Davis, [former Minister of Transport and Works] Mike Henry, PJ Patterson and the current Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

PJ Patterson, Portia Simpson Miller, Roger Clarke & Omar Davis

LU: It is Jamaicaโ€™s 50th year of independence, is there any added pressure to be more thoughtful on how you portray the country in general?

CB: No, but I will keep hitting the politicians until they make everything all right.

LU: Is there anything that makes you angry about Jamaica?

CB: The corrupt politicians and their politics.

LU: Beside a paycheck, what validates your work in your opinion?

CB:The volume of appreciation in the feedback from the public and people want to see what Clovis has done.

Policeman Cleans Up Crime As Politician Intervenes

LU: I heard you are doing the artwork for a Jamaican version of Monopoly; can you talk a little about that?

CB: Nothing much to talk about, they were doing a Jamaican version, so I did a caricature of one of Jamaica favorite comedians.

LU: What else do you have in the pipeline, a book, or show anytime soon?

CB: Well I should have a book ready by the end of the summer. I am putting on the final touches so you can all look out for that. I donโ€™t have a title for it yet but trust me; it will be good.

LU: At the end of the day, what do you want people to take away from your work?

CB:ย Just to say how my cartoons are right on target.

JPS Kiling Its Consumers