You Rate It: Watch The Wizard’s “No Batchoom Break” Video

July 25, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

“The average female uses the bathroom five times a day…alas!…Not when this riddim a play.” So says the credit screen in the video for “No Batchoom Break,” the first single fromย The Wizard, who we’ve just learned isn’t just Jamaica/dancehall’s sharpest up-and-coming producers but a vocalist, too. While she voiced her own Batchoom Break riddim she cedes the spotlight in the “No Batchoom Break” clip (don’t worry, you can see what she looks like at the top of his post) to some very talented dancers. Now, tell us what do you think of “No Batchoom Break”โ€”does this tune have what it takes to get you ladies dashing from out the WC? And fellas, do the ladies in the clip hold that same power?