Mixtape Mondays: Queen Majesty, Richie Beretta, Doc Daneeka

July 23, 2012

Words by DJ Theory—

This week, we have three selectors making their Mixtape Mondays debuts with three completely different offerings. Cool-and-deadly rare reggae records meet high-energy electro dancehall and tropical bass, followed up by a complimentary pint of undiluted UK funky, bashment and garage. Get breezy below.

Queen Majesty, Trilla: Wicked throwback theme mix here from NYC’s Queen Majesty.  The extremely deep-crated selectress from Deadly Dragon Sound comes correct with this collection of Jamaican covers of American 80’s and 90’s tunes, recorded in Brooklyn in 2007 by our friend DJ Ayres. See if you can spot the original songs being covered—the player on the page displays the song title as well, to check your answers here.  Pass through her blog for a slew of quality reggae mixes from every era archived from Deadly Dragon’s show on EVR and more here. Stream Trilla below:

Richie Beretta, Hot Humid Disgusting Summer: Sweaty meets icey on this summer ting from NYC dance dude Richie Beretta. Hot Humid Disgusting Summer feels like one of those 93 degree days in NY, when the hydrants are cracked and the baby powder and 50 cent soda is flowing in the streets. Tropical trap electro dancehall is the fuel for the fire here, with gas from Richie himself, Schlachthofbronx, Kes The Band (x Dubbel Dutch), The Party Squad, Capleton, Cutty Ranks, Nas, Poirier x Face T on the Alert Riddim, and original variations on songs from the Beatles, NWA, even Sublime, and much more. This one is steaming with thick-cut humidity from the classics to the future and belongs in your summer playlist somewhere…We’ll let you sort that out. Stream and download below, tracklist here.

Doc Daneeka, Sónar Sessions 2012: UK badman Doc Daneeka always delivers, and has something extra large for you courtesy of the stellar minds at the Red Bull Music Academy. Recorded live from his set at the epic Sónar Festival in Barcelona last month, the 85-minute mix expertly coasts through bashment, house, funky, classic garage, and a cornucopia of the rhythms and bass Doc is fancied for.  With quality releases on labels like PTN50WEAPONSBrownswood and his own recently founded imprint Ten Thousand Yen, Doc is continuously bringing the thunder and spreads strictly vibez on this live session.  Do yourself a solid and stream it below, more info here.  Catch more of his live recordings via RBMA here.