See It Ya: Four Jamaican Music Documentaries You Haven’t Seen

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July 20, 2012

Sound Business (1981)

“Throughout England an underground network of sound systems operates. They travel in teams.” So begins this little-known film documenting the early early ’80s soundystem culture in London and the surrounds. Narrated by Mikey Dread, the doc centers around one of the UK’s earliest sounds, Sir Coxsone (“I don’t have one foot in sound and one out. I am in sound,” says Lloyd Coxsone), which had already been in existence for 18 years at the time of thefilm), and the rival Young Lion sound. Among the young soundmen featured is a young Levi Roots, better known today in England for his ubiquitous “Reggae Roots Sauce,” and a mustachioed David Rodigan.