Where deAction Is: Beaches of Barbados Video Series

May 11, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Nick Welchโ€”

For an island that’s only 21 miles long and 14 miles across at its widest point, Barbados has a lot of beautiful beaches, each one a little different from the next. Nick Welch, a BBC content producer from England, noticed this on his many trips to the island, and took it upon himself to film a video showcasing just about every last one of ’em, along with some of the country’s more notable beach-set businesses. The result, BeachesofBarbados.com, is a video map of Barbados that’s as close as you can to being there, and one of the most useful travel websites we’ve come across.

While the clips are generally shorter than a minute, those documenting the surfing beaches on the South Coast, particularly deAction Beach, home of Brian Talma‘s De Action sports shop, and Surfers Point, home of Zed’s Surfing Adventures, get a little more involved. As Talma says while explaining the distinctive mix of fishing and surf culture that colors his corner of Barbados, “This aint’ Disneyland, this is deAction Land.” Watch the Surfers Point video below, and get acquainted with all of the Beaches of Barbados here.