Heds and Dreds: The Beastie Boys’ Reggae Jones

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May 7, 2012

“B-Boy Bouillabaise” and “The Sounds of Science” (1989)

The eclectic Paul’s Boutique is one of the most sample-dense albums of all time, perhaps second only to Public Enemy’s It Takes Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back in terms of second-hand beats per minute. Amidst the Beatles and BDP jackage on the tempo-twisting “The Sounds of Science,” the Beasties let Pato Banton communicateย (at 17:50 in the above clip) their stance on drugs: “I do not sniff the coke I only smoke the sensimilla.” Meanwhile, the multi-suite “B-Boy Bouilliabaisse,” featured snippets of Scotty’s version of “Draw Your Brakes,” (of The Harder They Come soundtrack fame), and a 1979 Bob Marley interview, on “Stop that Train” (at 42:44 in the clip above) and “Dropping Names,” (48:36) respectively. And can’t forget this line, from “Egg Man”: “Hit the Rastaman and he said ‘Bloodclaat!'”