Heds and Dreds: The Beastie Boys’ Reggae Jones

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May 7, 2012

“Beastie Revolution” (1983)

Easily the most stoned song they ever recorded, “Beastie Revolution” is off of the Beasties’ second release, a three-song EP called Cookie Puss, the title track of which is a song prank calling a Carvelโ€”real serious stuff. “Beastie Revolution” has nods to Sister Nancy’s “One, two, operator dat ah you” and Black Uhuru’s “Party In Session” (with the slide whistle riffs). It’s also most likely the first American record to include the phrase, “Ya blind ya bloodclat, fire bun ya” and definitely the only reggae song about a fictional Chinese restaurant. Also note the shout to Kate Schellenbach, the then girl drummer of the Beastie Boys. Bim!