Toppa Top 10: Ten Essential Ninjaman Tunes

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April 11, 2012

Honorebel Mention: “Dead Bloodclot” (a/k/a the Badword Special)


A vicious, expletive-filled Killamanjaro dubplate that no producer would risk recording as a commercial song, “Dead Bloodclaat” was initially conceived for a clash with the high-flying Silver Hawk, which had bullied its way to the top with weak selectors but the largest arsenal of dubplates in sound system history. The dub was the beginning of the end for the seemingly invincible Hawk as Bobby Digital’s Heatwave used that same Ninjaman dub—with the sound of a choking bird struggling to say “Hawk” dubbed over Ninjaman’s voice—to finish the job. Silver Hawk would never truly regain its status as a champion sound killer.

“Wrenkin’ Meat”

The ultra-slack pattern of “Wrenkin’ Meat” (a dubplate version of which is heard at the beginning of the above audio recording, prior to “Dead Bloodclaat”) was actually written by a young Capleton—but while Capleton gave Ninja the hook, Ninja flipped that hook into several more songs, ultimately inspiring Capleton to use the same pattern with different lyrics on “Dem Nuh Like We,” “Lotion Man,” “#No. 1 Pon the Look Good Chart” and “God we Love.”