Fashion Fridays: G-Shock Goes Red, Gold and Green

April 6, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwer, via Soul Cultureโ€”

Watchmaker G-Shock is the latest brand to unveil a Rastafarian-themed product in a red, gold (in this case it’s more on the yellow side) and green colorway. Such items tend to inspire conflicted reactions. On one hand, here you have another corporation exploiting something with deep cultural significance without forging any obvious connection with that community. On the other hand, no one owns a color combination and a clothing/accessories company’s job is to make and sell things that look good, which red, gold/yellow and green often does. We might have advised G-Shock to dub their new line something other than the “Rastafarian Series” but we can’t deny that, aesthetically, these look pretty good. Tell us your take on the watches in the comments.