Forward March: Watch Protoje’s Video for “I&I”

March 20, 2013

Words by Emily Shapiroโ€”

Created with GIMP

Protoje has released a new video for his latest 8 Year Affair single “I&I” and we have to commend him for this unique project. The video follows a group of Jamaican youth and musicians including some familiar faces like Kabaka Pyramid, No-Maddz, Jesse Royal, Hempress Sativa, Jah9 and Chronixx, marching through Kingston traffic towards the Prime Minister’s residence at Jamaica House.

During the march, which was documented by a team of photographers and videographers including LargeUp contributor El Puru and artist Taj Francis, the group handed out pamphlets with thoughtful messages from past revolutionaries and interacted with the people on the streets. The march didn’t have a particular message and, according to Protoje, was not a protest, but it’s cool to see a large group banding together for single purpose. As the director of the video, Kush Asher, points out, not long ago a group of Rastafarians gathering in front of Jamaica House wouldn’t have been tolerated by police forces.

On the whole, the video just makes for some good vibes and a big statement from the artist. It is a must watch. Check it below: