Mixtape Mondays: Federation Sound, The Large, Kalibandulu

March 12, 2012

Words by DJ Theoryโ€”

This week I find myself in Austin, TX for the SXSW festival. Having a more than decent time already down here, I’m looking forward to DJing a healthy amount of parties, connecting with that dudeย Jesse Serwer, and eating my weight in tacos, which I’m well on my way to doing already. As always Mixtape Mondays can’t stop, won’t stop, and this week we got some new dancehall bizness from Italy, some funky, bashy vibez from London, and pure and excessive dublate murderation from the dons of stateside dancehall, Federation Sound. Let these three mixes work their magic and get your mind, iPod and week right…

Federation Sound, Dub Box Vol 2: HAUL AND PULL UP. Our NYC/Philly/JA fam and dancehall rulersย Federation just laced the world with another free peek into their highly destructive crates of acetates and exclusives. The first volume of this CD was on steady repeat when I got it maybe five years ago, and I’m sure this one will have the same effect. This is definitely a unique mixtape, taking soundkilling dubs from the clash setting to the studio-mixed CD format (and of course blended in fine style from the man like Kenny Meez.) If you’re a reggae enthusiast you would only be shortchanging yourself not to download this right now and play it loudly. Idiot soundbwoys beware, this one might build yuh casket… Direct download the single track here, tracked mp3’sย here

The Large, Neva Soft (via Shimmy Shimmy): Our London homegirl The Large has come with a new mix that touches mainly on what they seem to do best in Londonโ€”mix dancehall with garage, UK funky, soca and other zones that we love. Big tunes of the moment from Cham, Popcaan, TOK, Ward 21 and Bounty gett peppered with one of my favorite tunes of the moment, plusย hitters from UK folks like Lady Chann, Tomb Crew, Wiley, an exclusive form Murlo,ย and even a couple remixes from The Large herself. Definitely an appropriate title for this one. Stream and download below, tracklist here.

Neva Soft Mix by the_large

Kalibandulu, Brand New Mix Collection Vol. 26: Another big new mix CD from the Italian killas Kalibandulu. Their Brand New Collection series always come with the heat, delivering a non-nonsense presentation of today’s dancehall and bashment straight from yard. Considering the sheer amount of new music being released from Jamaica, it’s critical to have dudes like this making sense of it all on a regular basis for the public to digest and enjoy. ย I suggest you do just that now. Download and stream below, tracklist here.

Vol.26 – Brand New MixCd Collection by KALIBANDULU – FEBRUARY 2012 by KALIBANDULU