Mixtape Mondays: Project Groundation, Paul Devro, Jasmine Solano x MeLo-X

December 12, 2011

Words by DJ Theory

Transmitting live from the Philippines again this week, we’re back with a bubbling, electric installment of Mixtape Mondays, brimming with everything from dusty throwbacks to big room anthems. We’ve got three big ones here, so get ready…

Project Groundation Massive x Sierra Seed Cooperative, Nature Provides (LargeUp World Premiere): Oakland’s DJ Child has blessed us once again with another serious and unique offering in his constantly growing (pun intended) catalog of top-rated mixtapes and collaborations. The latest installment in Child and the Project Groundation Massive’s Return To The Classics series of throwback mixtapes is a crucial combination with Northern CA-based seed co-op Sierra Seeds. Already known to his fans and supporters as an avid farmer and advocate for sustainable and conscious living, he’s delivered a mixtape that supports his beliefs ever further, while also selecting some heavyweight roots music to back it up. Child has gotten his fingers dusty for this one, digging deep into the vaults to pull out a selection of 50 roots and culture tunes from the ’70s dealing with nature, farming and the way it affects our system. Much more than a marketing strategy, this project is the beginning of a campaign linking the two companies to help raise awareness about sustainability and progress in our society. Peep the inspired cover art from Ras Terms below, and definitely take the time to digest this one-of-a-kind mix—getting its world premier right here and now, on Mixtape Mondays. Download for free here, or support the movement via the PGM web store here.

Paul Devro, Mixpak FM 027 (via Mixpak): From the always-delivering Mixpak FM series comes another wicked cut, this time from Mad Decent creative don dada and DJ/producer extraordinaire Paul Devro. Some may remember past editions of this series from the likes of this guy, and other LargeUp team members like JillionaireGabriel Heatwave and Black Chiney. As the behind-the-scenes shotcaller for Mad Decent and their infant imprint Jeffrees, Paul gets to juggle a sizeable amount of new music and artists in his daily routine. Thankfully for like-minded familia, he’s taken the time to build up this of steam engine of dancehall, Brazilian trapmuzik, ghettotech OutKast covers, new releases from bubbling UK badman Murlo and, as Mixpak so aptly put it in their description, “a fistful of crazy tracks from around the globe.” Mad decent indeed. Stream and download here, and subscribe to the Mixpak FM podcast series via iTunes here.

Jasmine Solano x MeLo-X, Electric Punany Mixtape Vol 2: Sometimes something just clicks, and Electric Punany is just one of the things. NYC-based DJ/MC/promoter/downtown sweetheart Jasmine Solano and rapper/DJ/producer MeLo-X have been throwing this party (complimented by occasional mixtapes) for years now, in a city where nightlife turns over faster than tables at Applebees on 42nd Street. Prior to founding Electric Punany, Jas and Melo could be found hosting our own DJ Gravy‘s still-strong Rice & Peas party. With some extra love from the one Roxy Cottontail and NYC go-to party photographer Tone, EP has lived up to the hype as a rare breed of jumpoffs; one that successfully mashes reggae and dancehall culture with electronic music and a downtown clientele. Set in the same tone as its predecessor, Electric Punany Vol. 2 gives you a taste of the party, taking you through some dancehall, big room crossovers and remixes from the likes of Schlachthofbronx, Federation Sound/Kenny Meez, Stylo G,  Kartel, Major Lazer and South Rakkas, and even some Jas & Melo originals. And the artwork for the mix (courtesy of Rob Angermuller) is crazy hype, too. Love (electric) punany bad. Stream and download below, more info here.

Electric Punanny Mixtape Vol. 2 (Mixed by MeLo-X + Jasmine Solano) by Jasmine Solano