Give Thanks: Toppa Top 10 Reggae Thanksgiving Songs

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November 22, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, Martei Korley, Sherman Escoffery and Jesse Serwer.

Let’s face it, there is probably a top 10 reggae songs for every theme and every day of the calendar year but no occasion lends itself to unexpectedly perfect reggae-terpretation quite like Turkey Day. If you shoveled up all the reggae 45s that incorporate the words ‘give thanks’ or ‘thanks & praise’ in their title into a single pile, you would amass enough vinyl to put siding on every home in suburban America. Giving thanks, in fact, is such a central theme in reggae that we could have done a “Give Thanks” top 10 of Sizzla tunes alone (see #4). So read on for 10 recipes to add new flavor to your Thanksgiving festivities–or as we like to think of it, that day when even the lion shall lie down with the turkey.