Fashion Fridays: Wave & Wine Tees From Mixpak

September 16, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

Mixpak records just unveiled two new Caribbean-inspired tees, providing an everyday form of wearable soca for the hipsters of the world–and anybody else who can’t pull flag-capes or peacock-plumage at their job, but could maybe get over with a “Wave & Wine” tee on a casual Friday. That particular design (above) was created by Jamaican artist Robin Clare (now based down under–see more of her here) who translated the title of a Carnival rave track by Mixpak artists Schlachthofbronx into red, black and green mesh font. But there’s also a Trinidad-meets-Bootymore cartoon design by (Baltimore artist) Brian Blomerth (below)–so you can still sound a (visual) airhorn even when you have to use your inside voice.