Mixtape Mondays: Triggafinga International, The Large, DJ Jel

November 20, 2017

Words by DJ Autograph/Safari Sound

Mixtape Mondays

Greetings from Viking land, all massive and crew. Safari Sound deh ya bringing you another installment of Mixtape Mondays.

Triggafinga International, Dubplate Madness Vol. 1: 100% Hip-Hop Dubs

Within sound system/dubplate culture, there is the subculture of hip-hop dubplates. A handful of sounds in the world have amassed quite a sizable collection of hip-hop dubs (shouts to Faction Sound!), and there is the ongoing argument of who is the most loaded sound in this category of dubs (other notable sounds in this category include King Addies, Mighty Crown and City Lock). Triggafinga International is rumored to have the biggest hip-hop box in the world, and he showcases some wicked and exclusive dubs in his Dubplate Madness Vol. 1: 100% Hip-Hop Dubs. Iโ€™m not even going to tell you whatโ€™s on this mix. If youโ€™re a fan of dubplate culture and hip-hop, youโ€™ll definitely enjoy this one. Check it below:

The Large, Infrared Mixtape

The Mixpak crew always delivers top-notch mixes, no question about that. The Large has put out some of my favorites, and she definitely doesnโ€™t disappoint with the Infrared Mixtape. The thing I like most about her mixes is that she โ€œgenre bendsโ€ in a way that creates a unique vibe and flow that keeps you interested and engaged for the duration of the mix. This one spans dancehall, afrobeats and all related genres, and it is 100% a party starter. Stream below:

DJ Jel, Today’s Reggae Mix 16-17

Last but not least, Brooklyn-based DJ Jel mixes the best of todayโ€™s reggae in 65 minutes of non-stop one-drop action. This mix contains some of my favorite reggae tunes released within the last year. It’s the perfect soundtrack to catch a meds to, and relax. Check it below: