Heds and Dreds: Uncle Murda, “Warning” Video + More

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August 10, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer

Can’t say I was much of an Uncle Murda fan, or had more than a passing familiarity with any of his songs, until his new single, “Warning” started gaining traction here in NYC recently. Simply put, it’s the hardest rap song to make it anywhere near radio recently, and its beat is one of the year’s most arresting. At the center of said beat is a chipmunked sample of Barrington Levy scatting his way through “Murderer” that actually makes you think maybe the corpse of chipmunk soul might still have some life in it ten years after The Blueprint and “U Don’t Know.” “Warning” had me revisiting a catalog of a rapper I’d always kinda avoided. Murda is not Caribbean but dude is so thoroughly Brooklyn he has to have at least several raggamuffin-y tunes to his credit, right? Sure enough, he does. Check the recently-dropped video for “Warning” and read on for mo’ Murda after the jump.