Spring Break: The Kid Daytona Visits Puerto Rico

May 16, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer


Our favorite Antiguan-born rapper and clotheshorse The Kid Daytona took a trip to Puerto Rico recently to film the video for “Padma (So Buttery),” from his latest mixtape, The Interlude. ‘Tona seems to be trying to break the world’s record for shooting the most legit videos for songs off of a free online mixtape, but this one might be the project’s best yet. Director Derek Pike’s camera follows the Kid around the picturesque streets of Old San Juan and the nearby Fort San Felipe del Morro and, in keeping with the Top Chef-referencing tune’s culinary theme, the kitchen, to cook up some plantains and rice. We’re not sure which destination this video makes us want to hit first: the local cuchifritos shop or the website for Jetblue. For more behind-the-scenes footage from the excursion, head over to LRG’s website.