AUDIO: DJ Blass + DJ Joe’s Making Money Mash Up Mix

November 3, 2015

Words by Geko Jones


Puerto Rico’s DJ Blass is a man with a lot of stamps in his passport. Often referred to as El Sandunguero, a term that at once refers to both the lyrical slackness and accompanying wine up that his reggaeton albums popularized, he is the most prolific producer in the genre’s history. His catalog of over 900 registered songs includes features from mega stars like Daddy Yankee, Major Lazer, Calle 13 and far too many to name in one article. He has left an indelible mark on the genre, and continues to push the boundaries of Puerto Rico’s urban music scene.

The Making Money Mash Up mix is an international dancehall riddim run, and a teaser for the forthcoming No Vacile album he’s working on with DJ Joe, another pioneer of the scene. Thet diversity of artists on the riddim illustrates his vast Caribbean network spanning Antigua, Jamaica, Panama, Puerto Rico and more. We’ve listened to a few of the album cuts already and what’s coming is a tidal wave of change that is going to alter the musical landscape for Latin radio. If this is just the warning shot, we’re excited to hear what’s yet to come.