Toppa Top 10: Top Gunslinger-Inspired Deejays

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April 12, 2011

7. Johnny Ringo

Folklore has been good to the real-life, 19th-century Johnny Ringo, whose actual badman credentials have been called into question. Wyatt Earp’s nemesis was lionized as a key figure in 1957’s The Gunfight at the OK Corral, although historians believe he was not actually present for the fight, and a CBS television show bearing his name and the hit 1964 single “Ringo” by Bonanza star Lorne Greene are based more on legend than fact. The opposite is true for Bradley “Johnny Ringo” Miller, a somewhat overlooked figure in slack dancehall history. For better or worse, Ringo’s legacy includes “Two Lesbians Hitch,” one of the earliest deejay commentaries on the topic of homosexuality. Sadly Ringo, who once warned of the dangers of cocaine, died as a result of his crack addiction in 2005.