Toppa Top 10: Top Gunslinger-Inspired Deejays

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April 12, 2011

9/8. King Stitt aka Lee Van Cleef/Lee Van Cleef aka Lee Van Cliff

As stated above, it was King Stitt’s pioneering deejay tune “Van Cleef” that inspired Lee Perry to make his own tribute to “Clint Eastwood,” Lee (“The Bad”) Van Cleef’s “Good” rival in The Good, The Bad & the Ugly. (We’re still waiting for Uglyman to cut a tribute to Eli Wallach). Years later in the early ’80s, another deejay took on the New Jersey-born Van Cleef’s persona, issuing a handful of singles and two 1982 albums (often under the alternate spelling “Lee Van Cliff”) before disappearing into the great blue yonder.