Toppa Top 10: Top Gunslinger-Inspired Deejays

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April 12, 2011

10. Apache Indian
Apache Indian Portrait

One could probably write an entire dissertation on the cross-cultural implications of Steven Kapur, the British-born East Indian who made Jamaican dancehall music under the moniker Apache Indian. Clearly indebted to Super Cat and Shaggy, Kapur also referred to himself as Don Raja and incorporated East Indian influences into a style some have called “bhangramuffin.” Although he has said himself that his name was inspired by Super Cat’s “Wild Apache” nickname and Indo-Caribbean heritage, if there was any question whether Kapur was aware of the shoot-em-ups that inspired his Jamaican forefathers, they are settled by his gunslinger stance (and the title) emblazoned on his 1993 LP No Reservations.