Toppa Top 10: South x Southwest Edition

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7. Poirier

Our dude in Montreal Poirier specializes in bringing Caribbean and global ghetto sounds to audiences who aren’t always ready to hear them. He’ll certainly have his work cut out for him in rock-centric Austin but if anyone can get Texans and industry types wiling out to kompa and soca blends, it’s this guy. The producer/DJ formerly known as Ghislain Poirier will be joined at his official showcases at Spill Bar on Thursday, Nuvola on Friday and Soho Lounge on Saturday by Boogat, a Latin MC from Montreal with whom  recently dropped the appropriately titled mixtape, Esperanto Sound System. He’ll also be at three unofficial showcases, two by his lonesome and one billed as Esperanto Sound System with Boogat. Check his video for “Wha-La-La-Leng” with Canadian deejay Face-T for a taste of what you can expect: