The Birdheye View: Listen to Birdheye’s Ganja Garden Groove Playlist on Apple Music

April 20, 2017


The Birdheye View is a journey into cannabis culture as seen through the eyes of Jamaican musician and herbalist Christopher “Birdheye” Gordon. Each month, Birdheye explores a different avenue of ganja, as he seeks out the best strains, grow competitions and marijuana travel destinations, and updates us on the latest in marijuana reform and technology. In celebration of today’s holiday, we asked him to select a set of smoking anthems for LargeUp’s channel on Apple Music.

This playlist contains some of my favorite recordings in recognition of ganja. Whether you enjoy the plant in sacramental reverence, therapeutic delight or on the commercial hustle. The topic of marijuana has been echoed predominantly through Reggae, Dancehall and, more recently, hip-hop music. These genres have been the trailblazers in promoting ganja culture. Nevertheless, there is a common theme throughout of bringing healing, hope, pride, unity and progress among the masses.

It’s 420! Be happy that you woke up This Morning. Have some Ganja Tea and embrace the Perfect Tree. This is a tribute to all Ganja Farmer, who cultivate the Boom Draw. I highly recommend at least One Good Spliff  for “high” definition sound. I repeat. You got to have Kaya now. Ganja, just like music, is best shared with your frenz and famz. When you Puff It, remember to Pass the Kutchie on the left hand side. Enjoy the meditation and music until the herb Come Around.

At the 420 link ups, No Cigarette Smoking but you can embark on one drink only. I know Dem Boyz in the US will be sipping Gin and Juice with big blunts from the East to West Coast. While the Shotta Dem be burning Marijuana Pon de Corner in the Caribbean.

WARNING!!! Speakers may quake severely from for the Shotta bassline. Robbie plays a bass groove that gives the feeling of the premiere-puff on my ganja. Sly on drums slaps hard like rock stone yet steady like solvent-less dabs hit. You may find it hard to believe This is Not a Marijuana song. No doubt Weed is Life. Ganja music is the catalyst for safe and infuse vibration.

Fortunately, you cannot overdose on ganja but you can easily overstep the laws. So please refrain from waving to the Police in Helicopter while you are Floating By. Never disrespect the police or law officers. Don’t be the ass crying “Oh Mr. DC, please Let me go!” On a serious note, Driver A don’t be reckless while hotboxing to this playlist. But feel free to turn the volume up in the Traffic Jam until the pedestrians start Easy Skankin.

For my couples or intimate “Ganjapanions”: Hail Sistrins! Post a smoking selfie with you and your “BudBae” on Insta or FB with #CannabisCouplesAreCutest.

Hail Mi Idrin! You should inhale a lungful then give the empress a juicy kiss, until there’s No Lipstick.

It’s a long day: You may need to plan for the munchies! It is not advised to consume Broccoli only. No problem to Sen On all invitation for edible parties. You won’t have to Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner to partake in this ganja buffet.

You can be alone on 4:20. Enjoy your botanical bliss in your Ganja Palace. Trust the plant.

You want to know why Weed is My Best Friend? It Order My Steps through the darkest times to create the High that I am.

In High sight, music is the feeling of the nation that the herb is the healing of the nation.

Echo the truth by blasting the Rumours propagated about The Marijuana.

Let us Ganja Stain the globe… Legalize It!