Awoah: Vybz Kartel and Eminem Throw a ‘White Trash Party’

January 20, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer


We’ve been telling anyone within earshot for months that a proper collaboration between Vybz Kartel and an A-list rapper needs to happen not now but RIGHT NOW. By any means. And there were some rumblings. First Nicki Minaj, as we reported here, put out an APB for Kartel on Twitter, in hopes of landing the elusive deejay for Pink Friday. Then Jay-Z claimed to have brought Di Teacha to Rock the Mic studio during his Blueprint 3 sessions (Though it’s more likely that Hov confused Kartel for some other yardie, considering his ongoing persona non grata status in the U.S.)ย  Earlier today, however, New York DJ/radio personality Cipha Sounds posted on his blog an actual remix of “W.T.P.” (A/K/A “White Trash Party”), the track from Eminem’s Recovery produced by Black Chiney’s Supa Dups, featuring Kartel. (Not being an authority on mullets and PBR, he proclaims his event a “Badman party”). We’re not sure if this is Eminem-authorized official business but the interplay between the two on the second verse guarantees that this is more than just another Pro Tools edit job.ย  Eminem is definitely not the collaborator we expected when we called for this sort of thing but, awoah, there’s a vibe here.